Human Resources Functional Assessments

Human Resources Functional Assessments

Why Are Human Resource Assessments Important?

The HR function is typically one that does not get the maximum focus with many small to midsize companies.  Many of these companies understandably focus on revenue, profit, operations and taking care of customers – the core components of any successful business.  This is especially true with new and start up businesses.  Operations, developing new business, taking care of existing customers and developing new ones is the focus.  The challenge is making sure that you have the right HR support to meet the operational needs, not only today, but as the business grows. 

Having the appropriate policies, practices and procedures in place will provide the core requirements for your business going forward -- recruiting, training/developing, evaluating, compensating, rewarding, promoting (or disciplining) and retention of employees.

What Is A Human Resources Assessment?

Our Human Resources Assessment consist of an overall review of the Human Resources function of the organization – like a financial audit.  This is not intended to be a critique of the HR leader or department, but rather to provide an objective assessment of the HR function, policies, practices and procedures to identify areas of opportunity.  This could range anywhere from how much HR support currently exists (HR is not a profit center, but a loss prevention center), what are the HR practices and what HR information systems support the HR function and the organization as a whole.